About Alaina

Hello to all,

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Alaina. 💗

I’m a Kansas girl currently living in Cincinnati with my handsome hubby, toddler son, and senior cat. My childhood love for reading and writing led me to earning a college degree in English. I have an interest in and appreciation for all things visual and performing arts. I’m a writer, photography-lover, and stay-at-home mom to an amazing little boy.

An INFP-personality-type to the core, I have often felt out-of-place and wondered how to best utilize my natural talents in the workplace. A self-described “late bloomer”, I spent most of my 20s exploring different avenues for a career (from teaching to customer service to sales support) until I finally landed on one of my dream jobs in academic advising. With each new role, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and the importance of pursuing work that is meaningful to me.

It wasn’t until I met and married my husband in my late-20s that I began rediscovering my love for writing and photography. My engineer-hubby, in his forward-thinking way, began encouraging me to further explore my passions and follow my dreams. God has a way of aligning our lives with others who help stir up hidden or forgotten giftings inside us, and that is exactly what my husband does for me.

My life-long purpose is to continue to grow in the Lord as I cultivate all the natural talents He’s given to me. My prayer is He can utilize me and my giftings to be a blessing to others while unveiling His uniquely beautiful story of redemption, love, and grace.

Additional (random & not so random) facts about me:

I’m an HGTV-lover decorating my home on a Walmart and Target budget. I love turning a house into a home with warm and inviting decor.

As the family cook, I’m notorious for rotating the same 4 meals over and over again until we all dread dinner time.

I’m a fair-weather runner and a former dancer reliving my glory days in weekly Zumba class.

A natural-born observer, I find all God’s creation fascinating and worth the time to explore and ponder on.

I’m a lover of all animals with a soft spot in my heart for cats because just like introverts, they are often misunderstood.

I can be stupidly stubborn to a fault and ashamedly act too much like my toddler when hungry and tired.

I’m a recovering procrastinator who once let fear and perfectionism keep me from following my dreams.

I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP) who is also very introverted. A combo which caused a great deal of self-doubt and shame throughout my teenage and young adult years.

By my late 20s, I began a journey of healing and restoration which helped me learn to celebrate the unique way God created me. My former shame was replaced with an authentic confidence in Christ.

Today, I’m thriving in my 30s as a proud introvert celebrating my sensitive nature as the asset it was always meant to be, not the shortcoming I thought it once was.

In short, I’m just a perfectly imperfect child of God trying my best to view life through His lens of love as I care for my family, learn to genuinely love others, and follow the call He’s placed on my life. All for His Glory. So to Honor Him.

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you’ll follow this beautiful journey of living loved!

Many Blessings,


💗 Alaina V. Fletcher


*Family Photo By: Smiles By Shay

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  1. Alaina is everything God wants us to be. She is truly serving God with all of her heart. I am so grateful she is sharing this. She is such a blessing and wonderful friend ❣️

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