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Do you ever feel like you’re constantly striving? Striving for more? More happiness? Love? Acceptance? Purpose? Peace? Contentment?

Every day, we’re faced with societal pressures, and often times unknowingly, we strive to attain and become what this world deems worthy of praise and admiration. We’re in constant pursuit of the “next thing” whether it’s in our careers, relationships, or material possessions.

We believe the “perfect job” will provide personal fulfillment and a feeling of purpose. We believe a relationship or marriage will bring true love and contentment. We believe a new house, car, or the latest gadget will make us happy. We believe following fashion trends and fitness fads will make us feel more attractive.

We strive for acceptance from our family, friends, teachers, bosses, and those whom belong to the “in-crowd”. We strive to please our parents to make them proud of us. We strive for acceptance amongst our friends and peers to gain a sense of belonging. We strive for approval from our managers so we get that raise or promotion we’ve been working towards.

We trick ourselves into believing that once we attain the “next thing” or gain someone’s approval then we’ll finally stop striving in pursuit of more. What we fail to realize is there’s always a “next”. So we begin striving yet again….

What if I told you that you no longer need to strive?

That there is a way to begin feeling loved, accepted, joyful, content, and at peace without any of those external factors working in your favor? No longer dependent on your circumstances. No longer reliant on people’s opinions of you. No longer a need to strive.

As someone who often felt like an “outsider” growing up, I’ve definitely had my fair share of struggles with “people pleasing” to gain approval and striving to attain accolades that society deemed most praise worthy.

It wasn’t until my mid-late 20s that I really began tapping into the belief that God’s Love for me is enough. More than enough. Fills me to the brim and then some. Overflowing inside me until it displays itself outwardly in a Godly Confidence, Peace, and Joy.

Through this discovery, I learned how to daily surrender to God my desires for approval and “fitting in”. Instead, I allow God to remind me of my worth in Him. When I live my life knowing I am completely and totally loved by the Creator of the Universe, it allows me to live the life He created me to live.

When we live our life knowing we are fully loved, we no longer look to others for acceptance. We live life more freely and courageously. We pursue our passions with more joy and purpose. We’re not concerned about what others may think or say. Instead, we have a steadfast peace and contentment that overflows in everything we do.

And when we know our value and worth is in the Lord, we begin to love others the way we are loved by Him. As we learn to live life through the lens of love, we help build bridges between our differences and offer hope to a world in need.

Have you chosen to live your life loved?

You no longer need to strive, my friend. Allow God’s Love to fill you up so you’re no longer looking to others to fill the void only He was meant to fill. Let God remind you of your worth in Him.

Living loved is a mindset that you must choose every day. The world will try to capture your attention, only to cause you to strive for approval yet again. Resist the temptation. Choose His Love instead.

Choose to intentionally live the abundant life God created you to live.

I choose to live my life loved. Will you join me?

Much Love,


💗 Alaina V. Fletcher


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