Dear Husband, You Loved Me First

Originally published in Her View From Home. When we first met, I was timid. You were animated. I was insecure. You were confident. I saw the gray, which brought uncertainty. You viewed everything clear-cut in black and white, which allowed you to be unwaveringly sure of us. Right from the start. If I were to... Continue Reading →

Little Drummer Boy: So To Honor Him

The week after Thanksgiving and Christmas are always difficult for me. The joyful busyness of traveling to see family somehow feels so long ago. The story-telling and laughter fade into distant memories as I muster up enough strength to get back into my normal routine. I’m on autopilot as I catch up on laundry and... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Journey

Are you someone who enjoys the journey or do you anxiously await your destination? As much as I would like to be a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of traveler, I’m much more a destination-seeker. A planned route known far in advance is my type of life-travel. Unfortunately, life doesn’t fit a... Continue Reading →

When Healing Takes Place

As I look back at this past year, I'm amazed that the mere passing of time can allow for such a difference in a person's life.  It's not the passing of time that creates the change but rather the opportunity that time has to offer.  Opportunity for a raw look at one's life and what mess... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Future Children

June 24, 2012 Dear Future Children, Your father is amazing.  He gives me a voice when I don’t have my own or don’t know how to use my own.  He gives me encouragement when I need it most.  Today marks the day when I will no longer live in fear of failure.  Your father brought... Continue Reading →

Love without Limits

The intimacy of God's love astounds me.  How does this Perfect God love without limits? I have always been a lover and not a fighter.  I don't like conflict and would rather everyone get along and be encouraging of one another, but there is something that pulls at my thoughts and emotions which turns my... Continue Reading →

For Starters…

I am a newlywed, passionately in love with my handsome, engineer-minded husband, Daryll Devon II.  I have a growing interest in the arts: dance, writing, and photography.  A natural-born observer, I find all God's creation fascinating and worth the time to explore and ponder on.  I'm an owner of two felines, one who is typical... Continue Reading →

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