For Starters…

I am a newlywed, passionately in love with my handsome, engineer-minded husband, Daryll Devon II.  I have a growing interest in the arts: dance, writing, and photography.  A natural-born observer, I find all God’s creation fascinating and worth the time to explore and ponder on.  I’m an owner of two felines, one who is typical cat and the other who acts like a dog and sits on command.  I desire a running-buddy dog someday, but for now my dog-cat will suffice, minus the running-buddy. 😉

I believe life on Earth is our dress rehearsal for a much bigger production in Heaven.  I have yet to tap into exactly what my role will be in God’s Eternal Kingdom, but I hope that through exploring the gifts and talents the Lord has given me now, I can gain a clearer perspective on my eternal purpose.  God is so gracious to have given me such amazing family and friends who believe in me and cheer me on in my endeavors.

This blog will hopefully allow me to open up and express my thoughts in a way that makes Jesus smile and brings Him Glory.  This is my starting point, a safe-haven to explore and ponder on God’s creativity inside of me.

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